50 Best Restaurants in Baltimore Baltimore Magazine — February 2017
"The hot pink neon sign leads us inside to a land of Zandunga and mariachi music, Oaxacan wall tapestries, white string lights, and melting candles. Once the spell has been cast, you’ll feel like this is the only life you’ve ever known." Baltimore Magazine
36 Hours in Baltimore New York Times — April 2017 How Lane Harlan shaped Baltimore's drinking and dining scene Baltimore Sun — February 2017
"These days, Harlan features about 75 bottles of mezcal on Clavel’s menu and is so bent on increasing understanding about the special spirit that she travels with her bartenders to Oaxaca every year. “They need to see what I see and know in order for this to work,” she says. Baltimore Sun
Clavel in Remington is a Joyful Taqueria Baltimore Sun — July 2015
"The refreshing Sinaloense presents lime-and-chili cured shrimp with tomato, serrano peppers, cucumber and onion in a crisp tostada shell. Eating the aguachile, a plate of butterflied shrimp dressed a spicy cilantro pesto, makes you feel like you're sitting on the coast off Mazatlan. Baltimore Sun
Best new bars in America, 2015 Thrillist — December 2015
"You have almost no choice but to get the Mezcalita with the tres chiles shrub, and follow it up with the “bitter margarita,” the Santa Sangre, which actually has Campari in it. And then order all of the tacos and the queso fundido, so that bitter drink has some fat to cut through. Thrillist
Remington is the Neighborhood you need to know Baltimore Magazine — November 2016
"When you need a getaway, this hipster-chic Mexican taqueria (above) is a must for its minimalist aesthetic, homemade tortillas, and spicy mezcalitas. Baltimore Magazine
Where to eat now, Baltimore Baltimore Magazine — October 2016
"Lane Harlan’s Oaxacan mezcal and tequila bar has been a game-changer ever since it opened in the summer of 2015. The margaritas are legend. The ceviches are the very best in the city. The queso needs its own fan club. And the tacos—especially the mahi mahi with HEX Ferments slaw and a veggie version with chile poblano, corn, onion, and crema—are a sight for sore eyes. If you want to be in the know, just go. Baltimore Magazine
How Baltimore Quietly Became the Coolest City on the East Coast Travel and Leisure — July 2017
“If you’re a creative person, you can really make a big mark in the city by doing what you’re passionate about,” Travel and Leisure
Artisanal Ice is Having a Moment in Cocktail Bars Around the Country Baltimore Magazine — July 2017
“The modern cocktail didn't exist before the advent of ice being shipped around the world,” says Lehn Robinson, who helps run the ice program at Clavel. “We create these beautiful, fleeting things to honor that history, in the hopes that it won't be forgotten.” Baltimore Magazine
What $10 gets you at 10 Baltimore-area restaurants The Baltimore Sun — December 2017
"At Remington hot spot Clavel, $10 can get you two flavorful, seafood-centric tacos." The Baltimore Sun
Baltimore's 50 Best Restaurants Baltimore Magazine — March, 2018
"Clavel, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways: We love your authentic heirloom recipes handed down from chef Carlos Raba’s Mexican madres; we love sitting among Mexican pottery, succulent plants, dripping candles, and twinkling lights; we love the margaritas and the mezcal (admittedly, a little too much at times). Baltimore Magazine
How Lane Harlan Brought Mezcal to Baltimore Imbibe Magazine — April 2018
At Clavel, Harlan largely offers mezcal from mezcaleros in Oaxaca whom she has personally visited and developed relationships with. The menu features around 50 bottles of mezcal and 30 destilados Imbibe Magazine
The Best Places to Eat in Baltimore Food Network — May 2018
"A harbinger of culinary energy to the northern neighborhood of Remington, Lane Harlan’s Clavel opened with a mezcal-spiked bang in 2015, wooing waves of Baltimoreans with distinctive draws like scratch-made tortillas, cochinita pibil, natural wine and agave-based spirits well beyond tequila. (Check out the staggering selection of terroir-driven flights.) Sinaloan-born chef-partner Carlos Raba’s menu packs them in, as does its wildly popular happy hour." Food Network
The 9 Best Mezcal Bars in the United State Supercall — July 2018
"Most impressive is their aged Negroni with Por Siempre Sotol, which is aged in a glass demijohn and blended with older, more oxidized batches of the Negroni, some of which are around three years old." Supercall
The Great Restaurant Reinvention Baltimore Magazine — 2020
"Within a day of their restaurant rehaul, Raba and Harlan, who handles front-of-house, were back in the kitchen together. “It was just like when we first opened, just me and Carlos on the line,” says Harlan. " Baltimore Magazine
The Most Interesting Woman in the Restaurant Business Saveur Magazine — October 2020
"So, how did Harlan—a college dropout, with no formal culinary education or restaurant experience—get the whole atmosphere thing just right, racking up two nominations in the James Beard Awards' “Outstanding Bar” category along the way?" Saveur Magazine
23 of the Best Winter Getaways Oprah Magazine — January 2021
"If you're a fan of Mexican cuisine and mezcal, try a night out at Clavel, which never disappoints." Oprah Magazine